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Society spotted long ago some major weaknesses in its members.  Christianity called these the Seven Deadly Sins (7DS).  They are:

Envy; feeling so in competition with external that resentment of them arises,

Greed; too much longing for things especially money,

Wrath; violence,

Lust; too much longing for sex,

Gluttony; too much eating,

Pride; a good, necessary thing; self-confidence, when not taken to vanity levels, where your appearance is overdeveloped to appear grandiosely superior,

Sloth; a slacker attitude, apathy, laziness.


These are quite inclusive yet they omit the important concept, not thinking for yourself.  Probably realizing that peoples are easier to control under a system of blind belief where challenges or even questions to the established ruling system are prohibited.  They also omitted drug abuse.  Probably due to peer pressure as alcohol has always been a favorite beverage of Society since its discovery.


We see most frequently envy & wrath hitting out and attacking goodness.  However the base moral vibe of the Western environment is very much on your side not the side of the aggressor, the Attack.


Every high school up has Lust Bunnies & Studs afflicted by Attack 7DS.


A slothful culture exists that suggests people take an elevator up two floors rather than work off their lunch by walking.  


You need look no further than the banking industry for immense greed and it's also everywhere else in megopoli.


The Christians and ancient philosophers also said that there were seven virtues:

Prudence; using your reasoning including to control your resource usage.

Temperance; protecting yourself from being subject to Attack.  Retaining your humanity over more base animal instincts.

Fortitude; strength of character.  Determination.

Justice; Societal self-control.


Faith; See chapter Faith in Oneself.

Hope; See chapter Hope.

Love; seen as charity (see chapter Charity), care for your external world.


Christians follow ten commandments:

1) That there is only their one god.

2) Not to worship any false idols.

3) Not to take their god's name in vain.

4) That they, and their servants, shall not work on their day of rest (one of every seven).

This means that if you catch a train or buy a paper on a Sunday you're offending the base moral vibe of the land, Christianity.  It's far, far better not to.

5) To honor their parents.

This makes the huge assumption that one's parents are good people.

6) To not kill.

Yet they disregard this for government sanctioned executions and for all warring.

7) To not commit adultery.

8) To not steal.

9) To not bear false witness.

10) To not covet another person's spouse or possessions.


There are only two social rules to follow.  That unless absolutely necessary:

No harm be done to an external entity,

One's will not be enforced upon an external entity.