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Security is the #1 issue in life.  Survival is a necessity.  Properly protect yourself to ensure your safety; your survival.


We need space, then health, then oxygenated air, then shelter & warmth, then water and then food.  First for our brain and then for the rest of our body.  As the Bee Gees said it's about staying alive!  That simple!


Security is proportional to your available funds.  There's no question about that.  The more money you have the safer you are.  From emergency healthcare to legal services to daily moisturizing to a strong roof over your head not dependent on your job to travelling in your own car, boat or plane compared with public transport.  Wealth helps health.


Use every security method available to you.  Like, "always get a receipt," as they recommend in the Memento (2000) movie (written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan).


"[Present day Gaia (Earth)] is an extremely primitive and paranoid culture.  Chekov will issue a phaser and communicator to each team."

Admiral James T. Kirk,

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986),

Written by Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett, Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes and Nicholas Meyer


Personal security is of great importance.  Always carry a defense spray like a Star Trek phaser set on stun.  We recommend the Sabre brand spray containing both OC (pepper) and CS (tear gas) components (plus UV, invisible dye for potential later identification by law enforcement).  These Less-Than-Lethal weapons protect you from attackers while also protecting you from hurting them too permanently.  We suggest you check out the Jackass[2] demonstration video on the Sabre website showing just how extremely effective these nifty little weapons are (especially compared to expensive and bulky stun guns).  Know that you wouldn't risk using it to protect yourself from robbery instead only if in imminent physical danger.  Peace through superior firepower.


Always carry a charged cellphone when outside your home.  Even when jogging, popping out to your local store, etc..  This gives you a direct line to Society's emergency services in case you trip and break your ankle or witness someone being mugged, for instance.  Old clam-shell cellphones used to even look like a Star Trek communicator.


You know not to accept any food or drink from anyone you don't know well.  This means always having your drinks within eyeshot; not leaving them at an empty table while you use the restroom nor leaving a water bottle in a taxi unattended.  It's easy to slip meds like Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid) or a classic Mickey (chloral hydrate) in to knock you out then have their wicked way with your body &/ items, and maybe they won't ever let you wake.


With a 50˘ brick anyone can open your ground floor windows.  With a $5 glass cutter you wouldn't hear them.  With a $20 lock pick set anyone can open cylinder door locks so could silently walk in through your front door.  Even if they couldn't kill you in unarmed combat, which is easy, a knife or ice pick costs only a few dollars.  A woman or a child if so inclined could easily carry out an assassination on you.


Be very, very careful of the consequences of portraying yourself in public as weak at any time.


Consider the rarity of seeing a police officer while out for a walk and how far away they'd be if you needed them to protect you from a mugger, rapist or drunk hooligan.


For megopolic security self-defense classes can add invaluable practical skills like Choi Kwang Do[3], a Korean-American, modern martial art, 日本語 (Nihongo  or Japanese) 合気道 (Aikido), ハプキドー (Hapkido), 柔道 (Judo), 忍術 (Ninjitsu) or others.  Too great a focus on violence however does detract from the naturally peaceful vibe.


You can't be aggressive.  A peaceful attitude is a necessity.  To be at peace one's vibe must be of peace.  We exist in synchronicity.  Bear no ill will towards Society.  Some say you get back what you give out times three.  A mask, a look of aggression or sternness is just that, a mask, and far different from actual aggression.  In cities it helps repel Society.  You don't have to smile or overly emote to people just because they want you to.  Ideally your façade should show your profound inner seriousness (from which all outer terrors harmlessly glance off).


Go far out of your way to avoid physical conflict yet if it is unavoidable then you must win.  Kneeing testicles, gauging eyes, scratching, biting, bludgeoning, etc..  By all means necessary.  Nothing is off limits when it comes to your physical security.  Try to inflict pain as your goal is to stop their violence while avoiding killing them.  For if you were to kill them then Society could persecute you.  Obviously use Societal law enforcement as soon as you can.  That's what they're there for and you pay for them.


Violent people usually target people who appear vulnerable.  7DS envy & wrath often play a large role.  Whether it be envy of your intelligence, your class, your funds, your happiness, etc..  Violence is a group behavior.  Keeping alert and aware of your environment while avoiding much eye contact or acting aloof when out and about is good practice.


Always know how you're better (at being how you want to be) than others.  So you can win in a competitive viewpoint.  Be it superior skills, superior morals, more funds, less or more shabby clothing as you prefer or whatever.  That you're wiser, more knowledgeable about a fave subject and how that's good for you or simply are more content.  Know your strengths.  Be confident in yourself and don't feel the need to compete arbitrarily.


The 易經 (Yi Jing's) imagery includes the Veiling of One's Light.  You must be all you can be but this is for yourself and around Society strong people are resented by others.  Don't be seen as a show off.  The ideal is to mainly not be seen, innoculus, and when you have to be then be seen as normal and standard as possible, without portraying yourself too stupidly.  This minimizes external energetic interaction, minimizes your memorability footprint, minimizes 7DS envy & wrath and lets you pass by them with ease.


Military expenditure, space bombers, missile defense shields, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), etc. all help us sleep safe and sound in our beds.


In 2016 the global nuclear weaponized states were the USA, Россия (Rossia or Russia), 中国 (Zhonghua or China), Britain, France, לארשי (Yisra'el or Israel), ناتسکاپ (Pakistan), भारत (Bharat or India) and 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 (DPRK or North Korea).  ناریا (Iran) was not far away from being able to make them also.


The United Nations (UN) has a security council (UNSC) with five core members, USA, Россия, 中国, Britain and France, plus ten rotating members from the other global states, for two year terms.


"[Global thermonuclear war between nuclear powers is] a strange game.  The only winning move is not to play."

Joshua the AI,

WarGames (1983) movie,

Written by Lawrence Lasker

and Walter F. Parkes


Digital security is very important in this digital age.  If you don't want your personal info stolen then don't give it out to demanding websites.  Don't permit them to store your bank card numbers.  You could use a fake birthday.  Keep most of your funds in your savings account and only a small amount in your checking account so your card won't have any funds available for thieves to take.  Transfer anything online that you need for the day.  Don't save your banking passwords in your browser as you do for other sites.  Your browser stores them on your computer and optionally online enabling possible hacker access.  Every single bank card transaction is logged and could be forever available for scrutiny by government or hackers.  Pay for your private goods and services with good, hard cash.  Anonymous, pre-paid debit cards are also available if you can find them.


Any nude selfie sent to anyone or any revealing photo anyone else takes of you could end up, without blame, on the internet where it can stay indefinitely for your future employer, passersby,  grandkids, etc. to see.  Images even stored only on your computer are theoretically also vulnerable.  However constant use of anti-malware plus firewall software, like Norton Internet Security for both, should protect you fine.  Use encryption to file them safely away and you have no concerns other than forgetting your passphrase.  Use high strength encryption with large, obfuscated keys and even governments can't open them without your help.


Getting a remote backup service like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and using their free plan is an extremely secure backup option.  It means that even in a worst-case scenario of you being incarcerated or falling into a coma for like two years your data will stay safe because there are no payments to miss.


Germs, micro-sized lifeforms, are a threat to everyday peaceful survival.  They can infect one and make one ill.  Awareness of cleanliness levels is important to healthy living.  Awareness of the cleanliness level of each area that you encounter; when out & about, each area of your home and especially how clean your hands are.  Wearing gloves when outside your home protects your hands.  They're great for carrying bags when shopping or traveling.  How often do you think a taxi driver cleans the underside of their door handles?  Pocket sized hand sanitizers (which contain mainly alcohol) will disinfect hands before eating a snack.  The near invisible germs will be killed by the alcohol and be dead (harmlessly inert) when you eat them along with your food rather than starting a new colony within your body.  External illness enters people's bodies to infect them.  So protect your mouth opening; only put clean things in not food from dirty fingers.  Protect your sexual organs.  Especially protect your blood.  Any germs which get access bypass security levels and are instantly invading you immensely.  Beware of other people's coughs and sneezes.  These spread germs.  For example MDR TB (multi-drug resistant tuberculosis) is easily spread and can be fatal.  Quietly hold your breath when you need to and remember breathing through your nose is cleaner as there are hairs in your nose which act as an air filter, trapping harmful particles.


In the '90s the adverts said 1-in-3 people would contract cancer in their lifetime.  Now the ads say 1-in-2.  This is a shockingly drastic increase.  Scientists have a term, LD50. It's the dose at which 50% of lab animals die after receiving it.  You're the lab rats.  You're receiving the LD50 dose from Society.  It happened yesterday, it's happening today and unless you wise up it'll happen again to you tomorrow.  Find a reason, a link, for science tells us there must be one or, more likely, someWhat has changed?  Our consumption has definitely become more unnatural; more agricultural chemicals consumed, more GMO consumed, more chemical pharmaceuticals consumed, more artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, colors and preservatives consumed.  Our environment has definitely become more unnatural; more EM in our atmosphere, possibly more toxic waste in our environment, fallout from the nuclear power station accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima, more toxins in the environment of the livestock industry consumed by the livestock consumed by people. See chapters Eating & Drinking, Vegan Diet and Other Meds.


There's no such thing as a panacea.


Know that illness comes from without, from external invading.  The solution is distantia (distance) and internus (internalization).  These ideals can be supplemented with modern medicine in extremely limited doses.  Where livelihoods depend on our (and others') ill health we chose not to trust the benefactors be unbiased.  We still need medical treatment maybe once per decade per person then again we've yet to get our own x-ray machine.  We don't trust homeopathy to help.  We do trust and marvel at acupuncture as a healthcare treatment.  Also the awesome power of spiritual healing does work marvels and theoretically miracles.


One cannot differentiate between one's soul and one's body.  The body is the façade of the soul.  It's one's interface with reality.  We disagree with organ donation because it's desecration of the dead.  We'd like to disagree with receiving donated organs for the additional reason that it's accepting of external invading to an ultra-deep level yet survival is necessary via all means necessary; beggars can't be choosers.


Terrorism spans the globe.  There's no possible justification for the premeditated murder of non-combatants or non-wagers of war.  It's not war, it's murder.  Whether it's ةدعاقلا (al Qaeda), IRA, شعاد (Daesh or Islamic State) or others.  If terrorists have a cause any legitimacy is drowned out by murders committed in their name.


Swimming goggles protect your eyes from tear gas and pepper spray.  A DIY mask, like a P3 quality from 3M, should give lifesaving protection if the worst-case terrorist attack of a dirty nuclear bomb were to hit.  Obviously providing protection against biological and chemical attacks also.


"Never leave the boat."

Apocalypse Now (1979) movie,

Written by Francis Ford Copolla


Never leave the figurative boat of security, or you risk dangers that you weren't even aware of let alone prepared for.  (And never say never.=)


Collect for yourself a decent First Aid box.  Consider antacid chewable tablets and fizzy, soluble aspirin, jelonet waxed gauze, leukostrip skin closures, betadine spray, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes, plasters like Band-Aids, micropore tape, sterile dressing pads and bandage.  Even consider a stitching kit.  This'll cover you perfectly for all minor to medium cuts, grazes and burns plus stomach upsets and minor aches and pains.  If you develop larger pain you can then buy some acetaminophen & codeine meds like Tylenol-Codeine.  Not keeping any at home will stop any craving to take them without valid need.  If you can get the prescription then Valium (diazepam) 5mg split-able tablets can be invaluable in times of ultra-stress at doses from 2.5-25mg every quarter day as needed.  It's advisable to keep an antiseptic wipe and plaster in your wallet or handbag so you're able to tend to yourself when out & about.  If you ever must travel outside of the First World then take a sterile needle kit to prevent potentially fatal blood infections.


Stock up for a civil emergency.  A few days (to weeks) of canned food and bottled water won't set you back much, won't take up too much space and could save your life.  In mid-2016 the Deutsch (German) government gave a public announcement for its citizens to prepare exactly like this.  Candles and a lighter, or a wind-up lantern will help you at night.  Low cost extras like a gas camping cooker would be appreciated if needed.  Have enough insulating comforters to keep you warm at home should your heating stop.


Check the news every morning.  Reading it online gives you the power to easily pay it no mind or to read in more depth as you choose.  This tells you the general state of Society on your shared planet.  It warns you of imminent threats to yourself and to others elsewhere on Gaia (Earth).  It tells you what Society is informed about.  You then have a defense against someone saying to you, "what do you think about that Martian invasion then?", etc..  Your energies will know that it's bullshit.  Mainstream news is very useful but there are always stories which it refuses to report.  Social media and smaller websites convey these stories.  It's often a good idea to read the weather report.  Again, online websites can provide temperature highs & lows and matter of fact recent rain radar images to give you a chance to see bad weather approaching and allows you to predict the chances of getting wet.


Check that all factory food you buy is sealed.  This stops large Attacks like deliberate poisoning and smaller Attacks like nosy customers, maybe kids, opening the food and getting it dirty &/ infected before you.  It's the norm for Society to seal these foods for these reasons.  Check the date on canned food you eat.  This stops you eating food that's past it's best and maybe breeding micro lifeforms.  Society dates its cans for this reason.  All you're doing is checking to see if your reality matches up with a decent quality of Society.  Rather than foolishly trusting external or your own energies to ensure this for you.  Know that if inadvertently you bought something with a broken seal you'd trash it without hesitation.


The most powerful battleground is that of the mind.  Islamic extremists, for example, feel they can control their populace by might but this requires great physical presence.  Instead thought control, peer pressure, deluding deceit.  This is a war of concepts.  It requires no child soldiers, no ammunition, no territory.  Propaganda is an excellent example of this.  Ideas are far more powerful than items.  A gun can kill, can kill many with each clip but a well pushed idea to commit suicide can kill far, far more, far, far easier and with far longer range.  An MSM (mainstream media) news story can ruin a politician's career solely using words.  A blog post of a judge's or pædophile's home address can inspire fatal vigilantism.  Well versed propaganda can destabilize a whole country.


Energy works on probabilities.  Think how badly you'd sleep if you purposefully left your front door unlocked.  Despite the fact that no one is likely to try, and therefore succeed, in opening it while you're unawares.  The fact that it could happen will way on your mind.  Security in every other area is the same thing on a smaller scale.  Some examples include having a home with ground floor access does mean that anyone with a rock or umbrella can gain access.  Walking a city street without a weapon or fighting skills does mean that any confrontation with a violent person is highly unlikely to be won and could result in extreme injury.  Eating food from a street vendor does leave you vulnerable to food poisoning.  Kissing a GF / BF does leave you susceptible to getting cooties.  Safety can be taken to unnecessary extremes, often falling into neurotic OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  Risks can be taken but it's risky.  To take them ignorantly is ultra-foolish and energy will resent you for it.  There's nothing that makes you calmer than security.


You can almost never have too much security.  That which you depend upon could disappear at any time.  You could lose your job say if your employer collapses, your health if scaffolding collapses, your home if you lose your job, your food supply if a nuclear power plant explosion irradiates the crops, your sunlight if Nuclear Winter befalls, your freedoms if someone hateful frames you.  (See the possibilities in the case of WikiLeaks[4] founder Julian Assange who claims that he was framed for rape by a US government conspiracy).  Removing your dependencies makes you stronger.  See chapter Independence.