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Every citizen has an inherent right to defend their self and their family.  This includes the right of the populace to defend itself against a tyrannical government.


This means weapons like hand guns must not be prohibited, enabling protection from evil fellow citizens.  This also means weapons like automatic rifles must not be prohibited, enabling protection from evil government agents.


This is the most important, fundamental right of a citizen.  For without it they cannot defend their other rights.


Concealed carry rights should not be withheld with good cause.  The best weapon to legalize for concealed carrying is the gun yet also important are both the knife and the defense spray (pepper & tear gas).


Pocket knives that lock open and can be used to defend oneself from attack, say with a blade 8cm (3") long, should be legal to be carried in public.  We are well into the Iron Age after all.


Once a child has the maturity to carry a defense spray safely they should be legally empowered to do so, say by age 12.  Then they can protect themselves from attacks like muggings or rape.


The rights of the individual are of no less importance than the rights of the masses.  See chapter Individuality.  The charter of the United Nations (the UN), of which 193 counties are members, in article 51 empowers that armed force be a permissible response if armed force be used against one.  Society is controlled by an armed police force therefore an armed populace is the permitted defense.  Some citizens are permitted to carry arms in public and so an armed populace is the permitted defense.  An inherent right to carry arms in public.  Revocable upon good reason.