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Level: Advanced


Reality is communication with a concept.  With your own concept of external.  Your reality omniverse is large and complex.


Communication is energy transceived through filters.  The prime filter is your belief system.  Therefore, it is of prime importance in all experience (of reality).  Group membership is also an extremely important filter.


To see what we mean when we say filters try looking through loose weave material like muslin especially if colored or hippie colored sunglasses like with pink or red & blue glass.  Some are more obscuring &/ coloring than others.  Filters like alcohol making things seem better, less important and groggier, weed making things seem funnier or feeling down making things seem worse than otherwise.  Filters extend to extremes like seeing light as a filter, so without this type of filter your awareness is greatly limited, and space-time as a filter, so without this filter nothing external exists.  As nothing external does exist until you, generally subconsciously, will it into creation.  See chapter Self-Creationism.  The world is still the world but your perception of it has changed, been altered, by adding a filter.  Often filters are instead removed.  Psychedelics are a way of temporarily seeing the world aside from your regular filters.  Becoming aware of and removing unwanted filters from your reality is part of enlightenment.


Reality, external, is your creation.  See chapter Self-Creationism.  Energy from your top-of-head chakra creates your reality.  Plus your group energy going from your belly all around you makes it really yours rather than an abstract show.


Your group energy protects you but too much focus on this sometimes is negative as group energy can get dirty out & about in the world.


The body is the projection of one's soul.  As such it's imperfect as it partially exists in reality and all reality is Attacked (see chapter Attack (Evil)).  The body is the façade of the soul.  It's one's interface with reality.  Your soul is the music broadcast by the hi-fi of your body.  It exists without the hi-fi.  But to interact with reality it does require it.  The CD laser influences the sound it makes, the electronics inside, the EM resonating out from the disc motor, the cabling, the speakers and every other little part all partially influence the sound, in this analogy, the physicality of you; your body.  It's like a shiny new penny left outside.  The underside stays, basically, new and shiny but that's not visible.  What's visible is the topside that gets tarnished, grazed, dirty, comes into contact with the rest of reality and is changed by its history of interactions with it.


Reality is your problem brainchild if you will.  It's built or changed extremely gradually and like a supertanker patience and forethought must be used when at the controls.


Reality is malleable.  Everything can change; the past, the present, the future.  Change is generally disliked because of the inherent uncertainty in its goodness.  It could be a change for the better or a change for the worse.  So this truth is vehemently programmed against by Society.  Have no fear.  Always do the right thing and the right thing shall happen.


Taking responsibility for creating the instrument of your own torture is difficult.


Reality seems in some views a curse.  Inescapable, torturous, infinite experience.  Yet one can change oneself.  Therefore one can change reality (by changing one's perceptions).


If reality energy won't permit certain progress at least you tried.  If you don't try you can never achieve.


You deserve better than you accept in your life.  Far, far, far better.


"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

by William Blake (1757-1827)

N.B. This famous quote is

where the acid rock band

The Doors got their name.


The reality omniverse of external is infinite.


Celestial bodies move quicker the further they are away from Gaia (Earth).  We can see ones far away which are moving at almost the speed of light.  Ones further away than that are, relatively, moving faster than light.  So we'll never see them.


Beware of too much grace; style without content.  This is very weak and fragile.


In reality three main things are desired:

1) Novelty; new things including housing,

2) Ownership; not renting someone else's things (including housing),

3) Distantia (distance); separation from Society.

These are the three things that help reduce Attack the most.


A free mind is the most powerful thing possible.  No wonder it's the most envied & feared by the obedient, stupid and the paranoid.


Your experience of reality at any one time is dependent on your set & setting.  Your set is the mindset which you bring with you.  Your personality structure and whether you're currently happy, sad, nervous, calm, etc..  Your setting is the environment you're in.  Whether it be calm, chaotic, full of love, full of anger, etc., and the cultural attitudes as to what is real.  These two are the prime factors of your experience type in any given situation.  So if you want to be calm make sure you're both in a calm or calm-able mood and that you're in a calm environment.


The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol) describes the cycle of renewal of the psyche.  As one can experience when traveling one's path of enlightenment (and on psychedelics).

The Bardo or level, A, (Chikhai Bardo) is the transcendence of enlightenment.  Where one can transcend beyond space-time, beyond words, beyond self.  There are no visions and no thoughts.  It is a time of pure awareness and ecstatic freedom from Social energy involvement.  This is the Clear Light.  The secondary sub-level of level A is being aware of reality / Social concepts.  Also being self aware of the happening of the experience.

Level B (Chonyid Bardo) is the high awareness of the energetic vibes of reality, including Societal energy somewhat distanced from Society.  Here one can experience hallucinations, both positive and negative.  From the good and the bad energies respectively of your set & setting.

Level C (Sidpa Bardo) is being a player within Society.  Back playing the usual games, interactions, of Society.[6]


The more enlightened that one is, the more they experience level A.  The average psychedelic tripper spends most of their time on level B.


"For the unprepared, the heavy game players, those who anxiously cling to their egos, and for those who take the drug in a non-supportive setting, the struggle to regain reality begins early and usually lasts to the end of their session."

The Psychedelic Experience:

A Manual Based On The Tibetan

Book Of The Dead book,

Written by Dr.s Timothy Leary,

Ralph Metzner and

Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass)


Those are the types of people who shouldn't trip on psychedelics.  Plus those who are too haunted.  The level B hallucinations, the energetic vibes of reality, including Society, are so acutely perceived, that they can be astoundingly beautiful but when Attacking openly on an energetic level, can be too much to handle, especially for half day sessions on LSD.  The level C, everyday reality consciousness, helps keep these Attacks to the subconscious where they're autonomically dealt with and instead influence the personality.  Psychedelics can be used to help the haunting but one doesn't learn how to swim by diving in at the deep end.  Obviously generally we recommend approaching enlightenment gradually via the methods we describe in this book.  Using this to free oneself from Attack (haunting).  If drugs are chosen then psychedelic mushrooms and truffles keep the sessions time limited and strong cannabis even more so yet with less of a psychedelic effect.


The synchronistic web of reality can be interacted with to varying amounts as you so desire.  One can choose to interact with another entity or not.  Use logic to select which entities you communicate with.  Communicate for a definite purpose; a gain, else don't communicate at all.


Every lifeform is going about in their own 'parallel' multiverse; together the omniverse.  Moving in synchronicity with reality.  So they are, depending on how tight their group energies are, how Attacked they are, solely coming close to lifeforms that are similar to them.  Lifeforms that share similar beliefs like in the existence of vision, colors, the religions, the science, the time, etc., etc..  Theoretically if one were able to control this relationship with external then time travel would be possible, if one interacted only with people who believed they were in a previous time.


Reality is belief.  Belief is majorly influenced by one's perceptions.  Therefore taking substances that affect perception can actually affect reality.


Every lifeform has a soul.  A soul is a synch for energy.  It's not that it's needed or necessarily all wanted, it just happens in an energetic environment; in the world.


An apport is something that materializes out of thin air.  In the X-Files (1993-) TV episode Calusari spirit dust is materialized.  Don't let it freak you out.  Energy may create something by itself.  When people, magickians or Wiccans for instance, do this it's called conjuring.  It is ordering reality to make matter from energy.  Often energy will materialize an offering on the outskirts of your vision.  Like an extra Cheerio on the table as you're pouring yourselves a bowl.  It's a gift from energy desiring acceptance.  You can accept your table energies without too much danger and so you can happily add the extra Cheerio to your bowl.  Yet notice it for the energetic event that it is.


Everyone can feel when they're being stared at.


The paranormal exists, it's just not fully explained by science yet.


"These strange things happen all the time."

Magnolia (1999) movie,

Written by Paul Thomas Anderson


Attack hides things, like keys.  Then later this Attack fades and the item reappears.  In the movie Poltergeist (1982) (written by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais and Mark Victor) it hides a small child.  If you can, don't waste your time and energy playing with Attack, simply wait for it to fade and the item to be returned to your reality.


The issue of free will has always been an interest for philosophers.  Free will like everything else exists within reality.  It's Attacked like all reality.  It exists within time.  It depends on what's happened before the moment and what's planned to happen after it.  Like a fish in a stream; it can swim according to its desire yet there's also a varying current affecting it.


Don't give too much power to your consciousness.  It's far more prone to Attack, like being deceived.  Have faith in your subconscious.  Have faith that your subconscious shall lead you down the right paths.  You don't need to struggle (too much).  You don't need to push.  Simply plod on.


When you see a great sight look first with your vision.  Recorded reality, with a phone's camera or sketched, can't compare and can easily take away from the experience of seeing the sight.


Remember everything, everyone and everywhere is Attacked, nothing's perfect and everything takes time.


People restrain their own consciousness.  Through fear of the unknown.   To be 'normal'.  You don't have to be afraid of looking down if you're too blinkered to see anyway.  They think if you deceive yourself into thinking that you're not surrounded by evil maybe, just maybe, one day it'll be true.  Believing it's a get out clause for the evil they do; that they were 'unaware' that they were doing something nasty.  So it becomes a license to be bad, to take the easy path letting evil rule and ruin their lives.  It takes true grit, strong guts, to face reality.  True reality.  To peer into the abyss to see what's in there.  For all reality is within projected without.  To look at reality is to look within yourself.  What you've become.  You don't see just your baby self anymore.  You see the results of every moment of every single day of your programming by Society.  You see a vision of Society itself.  You're still within Society.  Seeing yourself includes seeing your current place within Society.  Your best hope is to be at peace with this.  It can look real ugly from one view.  It's a vision of a delusion.  An image of a person, yourself, alive in an imperfect world, right where you are, right where you want to be, right where you should be, but certainly not where you're headed.  Be cool, be groovy, be content.  There is ever only you, the true you, only now, only here.  It's yourself that must change to settle your mind.  And there's all the time in the world in which to do it.  =)


Enlightenment is a very powerful asset to have achieved (some of).  It can be very daunting to have such power.  To have your life open to your control.  Yet this is how it was meant to be.  And you deserve it.  And can handle it.  Use it to blossom.  As Trekkies say 'live long and prosper'.


"He who binds to himself a joy,

Does the winged life destroy,

He who kisses the joy as it flies,

Lives in eternity's sunrise."

Eternity by William Blake (1757-1827)


Messing with the natural order of things is communication and must be done solely when necessary.  A Norsk (Norwegian) king called Canute wanted to show his subjects his limitations so he went down to the sea and ordered it to go out.  It didn't.  Don't try too hard.  You could get an aneurism, waste your will power, waste your time.  Change takes time.  Of course reality could be influenced to make the tide go out.  Time could pass, a gravitational event could happen like the Moon falling towards the Earth, but do you really, really want it toThe ancient proverb says that one must be very careful what one wishes for as they may just receive it.  It's also said that they who sit by the river for long enough shall see the body of their worst enemy be washed downstream.  Energy can be with you.  Especially if you make a group with it; play with it, sit by it.  But all group play is not without consequence.  At the very least you're spending your time that you could be using for a million other things.


In late C20 Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) together with Tim Leary (1920-1996) worked out a scientific model for consciousness levels.  There are eight different levels of mind functioning that have developed over our 3½ billion years of existence.


1 Bio-Survival Circuit, 'Consciousness'

DNA Stage = Invertebrate, 2-3 billion years ago.

Good or bad, approach or avoidance.  Like food is good and fire is bad.

Meds = Opiates.


2 Emotional Circuit, 'Ego / Reptilian Brain'

DNA Stage = Vertebrate, ~500 million years ago.

Group politics, territorial demands, BDSM, aggression and cooperation.

Meds = Alcohol.


3 Dexterity-Symbolism Circuit, 'Mind'

DNA Stage = Hominid, 4-5 million years ago.

Human, communication, tool usage.

Meds = Stimulants or a high-protein diet.


4 Socio-Sexual Circuit, 'Adult Personality'

DNA Stage = 30,000 years ago.

Post-pubescent sexual politics, culture.

Meds = None yet discovered.


NB  These first four circuits are all that are normally activated in modern humans; Society.  The next four circuits are evolving.


5 Neurosomatic Circuit, 'High'

DNA Stage = 4,000 years ago.

'Turned on' hedonistic pleasure, awareness of the beauty of nature.

Meds = Cannabis, Tantric sex, basic level of enlightenment, sensory deprivation or social retreat.


6 Neuroelectric Circuit, 'Self-Programming / Tripping'

DNA Stage = 500 years ago.

Awareness of being one's own programmer, distantia (distance), 'tripping'.

Meds = Psychedelics, high doses of cannabis or enlightenment.


7 Neurogenetic Circuit, 'Genetic Memory'

Genetic memory; the awareness of one's 3½ billion year age.

Meds = Psychedelics or enlightenment.


8 Neuroatomic Circuit, 'Extraterrestrial Unity'

Paranormal experiences, collective subconscious, future reality.

Meds = High dose psychedelics, ketamine or enlightenment.


Human nature can't be found by looking down at lower lifeforms.  Only our base instincts, which we rightly rule over, can be found like this.  We must look up to our higher reasoning and logic to see our true nature and potential.


It's all about the now.  There can never be a more important time than the moment.  For if you don't survive it you have no future.


There are only two social rules to follow.  That unless absolutely necessary:

No harm be done to an external entity,

One's will not be enforced upon an external entity.