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Level: Easy


The programming of external, of others, is very important.


Magicians, hypnotists and the advertising industry use the power of suggestion to make people do what they want them to.


It's said that Society's interactions can be seen as games.  Play with life.  This is how you learn how to interact with it.


We don't suggest playing with gen pop people in general for it's unnecessary communication, interaction.  However some conscious control can be very useful in dealing with others.


Take the lead.  Tell them the why and the why not.  Feed them lines; a subtle use of the tactic used by Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars IV.  Use the right keywords.  Control the conversation.  Stay positive.


"[When taking questions from the press] avoid the ones who don't blink; they're power devils."

"I don't know what that is."

"Yes you do."

White House Press Secretary, C. J. Cregg, giving advice to her substitute,

The West Wing (1999-2006) TV show


Blinking consciously can help ease tension by leading that you are relaxed (enough to blink).  But don't forget your stare which is a pack activity showing strength.  Of course fluttering one's eyes is flirting.  Eyes are so emotive they're called the Windows of the Soul.  Blinking can be taken as a submissive act as can most relaxed actions compared with those more tense, e.g. one's posture.  Yet as with posture a level of relaxation is by far the best attitude.  For instance it gives you more range of movement being able to become either more tense or more relaxed.


Be aware of your tone of voice.  In modern Western Society males especially the White middle classes can be programmed into having an unnaturally high pitched voice.  Try to avoid this pitfall.  See chapter Pædofication.


Avoid using bad words in the negative.  Instead use the positive.  Like saying 'we're good,' rather than 'I don't hate you,' because it uses the word 'hate'.


Don't, just don't for your own sake, tell your plans to others.  Without benefitting you it'll simply allow their and any other energy around to attack your plans.  In The West Wing (1999-2006) TV show Leo, the White House Chief of Staff, leaves a high energy meeting saying "I have theatre tickets," rather than "I'm off to the theatre," because it's more difficult for Attack to hit the fact that you have a possession than it is to interfere with an evening's plans in their early stages of manifesting.