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Level: Easy


Be aware of your current place on your timeline.  What you're doing now, as well as what you've just been doing and what you're planning to do next.


Foresight is normal; feeling the energy of upcoming important events in your life, even when you're not consciously aware of them.  This can be vibes from your subconscious plans seeping through to your consciousness.  The triple cut editing of the Easy Rider (1969) movie could be seen as reference to this.


Be aware of where you are on the planet.  Visualize a map of Gaia (Earth) and zoom out from your current location.  Try to do this daily.  This is especially relevant when traveling away from home or on vacation.


Be aware of your body.  Your current body posture.  Your skin boundary.  Especially your head, back and hands.


Visualize a vertical line through each of your eyes.  Be aware of where these lines fall when your head is tilted.


Meditate by concentrating on your breathing.  The feel of your air moving in and out of your body, your chest rising and falling.


Be aware of what Society is doing elsewhere.  If you're in the West and it's Saturday night the youth are out drinking, dancing and socializing.  If it's Monday morning most people are reluctantly off to slave at their unfulfilling jobs.  The kids are off, forced to study and be vulnerable within gen pop.