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Level: Medium


Like the Buddhist concept of nirvana, the ever still flat line.  Never happy and never sad.  There are no highs and so there are no lows.


Attachment to reality creates desire.  Desire can never be always totally fulfilled and so creates a torturously dissatisfied suffering.  Like everything else, at varying levels.


Eating some of your fave ice cream makes you like it, or even love it, so once in a while you crave it.  The rest of the time you're craving other physical sensations which you like; sex, getting high, chocolate, exercise, cheese, sleeping, dancing, learning, cookies, candy, pizza, beer, et cetera.  There's always something to crave, and it's rarely omnipresent in excess.


Distantia (distance) is the removal of attachments and as such is the path to nirvana.  See chapter Distantia (Distance).


Reality is contrary to nirvana.  All good things create desire, all bad things create negative desire.  These are attachments.  They move one away from the concept of nirvana.  Perfection, neutrality (nirvana) and oneness are all concepts.  They are implicitly impractical.  These concepts only exist in their pure form without reality.


Practice detachment from reality.  Let go.  If you accept Attack it loses its power to frighten you and in that bond itself to you.


If you detach from (for instance the self) perspective then there's no good nor bad.  Everything is neutral.


Lose your requirements, leave them.  Require nothing at all.  Be at peace in the moment.  Nothing matters.


Accept everything.  Everything good and everything bad.


Let go of every one of your selves.  Every personæ.  Every self voice.


Don't push.  Don't rush.


Be in your detachment.


Then gradually come back and deal with making a better realityAccept the implicit torture of reality.  Know the truth of physical solutions to physical problems.  Know the truth that enlightenment solves mental problems.


The 易經 (Yi Jing) talks of 'a profound inner seriousness from which all outer terrors harmlessly glance off.'


It's not being boring like a Mole Man character from The Simpsons.  It's about being calm and contented, serious and ruthless.


Know that you reflect back at external all badness (and everything else) that external throws your way.  Don't let external vibe affect you.  We mean seriously ignoring a dirty stare that some lady is giving you and not giving her one back.  Likewise ignoring external smiles and laughter.  This way you stay out of their game.


"Wipe the smile from your fate,

It's getting in the way."

Small Time Shot Away (2003) song by Massive Attack,

Written be Robert "3D" Del Naja


If you go through life with a frivolous, too merry attitude or personality you'll attract misfortune.  In fact it's the social norm to call homosexuals "gay", meaning happy.  If you, through youthful foolishness, don't instead realize just how bad things can be.  Your personality is yours to shape as you will.


Free your experience from the highs and lows of addictive plants and chemicals.  Quit tobacco, alcohol, caffeine plants like coffee, tea and cacao (chocolate), and sugar.


"[Meister Eckhart (1260~1327), medieval theologian, philosopher and mystic] said the only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life.  Your memories, your attachments they burn them all away.  But they're not punishing you, he said, they're freeing your soul.  (Relax... good.)  So the way he sees it, if you're frightened of dying and... and you're holding on, you'll see Devils tearing your life away but, if you've made your peace, then the Devils are really Angels freeing you from the Earth.  It's just a matter of how you look at it, that's all.  So don't worry, OK?  OK?"

Jacob's Ladder (1990) movie,

written by Bruce Joel Rubin