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Internus is internalization.


Retreat within to find yourself.  Retreat within to find goodness; your godself.


"Who do I trust?  Me, that's who!"  So says the Scarface (1983) movie (written by Oliver Stone).


When tragic news strikes people instinctively retreat within.  They drop what they're holding and often collapse to the floor or sit down.  This is to remove themselves from reality and any Attack within it.  To regain a majority of goodness from within themselves.


When people hear bad news which makes them angry they sometimes walk around a little, roam their territory.  This is an attempt to assert their rule over their domain, increase the strength of their good energies, to stop such bad news from creeping in again.


The ultimate spiritual retreat is the retreat into one's mind, away from one's body.  This state in varying degrees is called being asleep, unconscious, catatonic or comatose.  Without access to one's body one has no senses with which to experience reality.  Reality effectively ceases to exist.  However, there are also different layers within one's mind.


All truth is within.  Don't believe the X-Files hype that the truth is out there.  In fact, it's quite the opposite. 


Be independent.  Do it yourself.  Who can cook your food just the way you like it?  You can.  Who knows you better than anyone else ever could?  You do.  Your #1 person to count on in life is yourself.


By internalizing more, we bring more control to life, more goodness.