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You are the most important aspect of your life.  You are the most important person in your life.  First your soul, then your body, your conduit with reality.  Then your genetic age ancestors, all the way back to the amoeba.  By genetic age we mean your ancestors at the age they imparted their genetic material towards you.  Then your chosen family, your spouse, then your kids.  Then your greater tribe.  These days this doesn't necessarily mean your physical neighbors but people you hang with, people you travel to visit, people you phone and especially people you communicate with over the internet.


You come first, always.  If a shipwreck survivor on a desert island, if you were strong and fortunate enough, you could survive by yourself, alone.  With another survivor of the opposite gender (premenopausal) you could reproduce and start a family.  With more people you could start a greater pack.  Yet you don't need more people to survive.  It's a group pushed, Attack delusion that you do, that the group is necessary and even, very wrongly, that the group comes first.  You could hunt, farm, collect potable water, etc. enough to survive by yourself.  Group life, with outsourced specific jobs, may be easier but it is not necessary.