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Level: Advanced


It takes practiced distantia (distance) to see just how much group membership influences one's (perceptions of) reality.


Reality is communication with a concept.  With our own concept of external.  Our omniverse is large and complex.  Communication is energy transceived through filters.  Group membership is an extremely important filter.  Therefore, it is of extreme importance in all experience (of reality).


To see what we mean when we say filters try looking through loose weave material like muslin especially if colored or hippie colored sunglasses like with pink or red & blue glass.  Some are more obscuring &/ coloring than others.  Filters like alcohol making things seem better, less important and groggier, weed making things seem funnier or feeling down making things seem worse than otherwise.  Filters extend to extremes like seeing light as a filter, so without this type of filter your awareness is greatly limited, and space-time as a filter, so without this filter nothing external exists.  As nothing external does exist until you, generally subconsciously, will it into creation.  See chapter Self-Creationism.  The world is still the world but your perception of it has changed, been altered, by adding a filter.  Often filters are instead removed.  Psychedelics are a way of temporarily seeing the world aside from your regular filters.  Becoming aware of and removing unwanted filters from your reality is part of enlightenment.


Concepts here include both quality and quantity, status within each group and group territory.


Group dynamics; group interactions, are among the most important aspects of life.


Common symbology for the group is often the belly or the nose.


Your prime group is yourself.  Feel your body's limits.  Lie on your back with your legs straight.  Now raise your legs some way.  Feel your muscles define your body's limits along your body from your feet to your head.  Keep this feeling in mind during the day, slightly tensing these abdominal muscles, when you're out & about and want to center yourself.


Spend the time to consider groups you've recently left, e.g. if you've moved apartment, and groups you've recently joined, e.g. if you've started a Twitter blog[5]Control your energies.  Move them away from your history and limit how quickly you approach your potential future.


All truth is within.  Don't believe the X-Files hype that the truth is out there.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  Truth is not absolute.  Truth is a group condition.  An energetic belief.  Odd examples include gurus practicing Mind Over Matter who can walk on hot coals or swords without ill effect.  We choose to be a part of the group that agrees with the belief of most science energies.  A level of existence exists beyond the physical where even the pure science of math can disintegrate, as reality itself disintegrates.  One example is of Philip Zimmerman, creator of the world-famous PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption computer software app, who, early on, believed he'd created a strong encryption cipher only to have it cracked almost instantly upon presenting it to his peers.  In that instance his energies weren't capable of maintaining a belief strong enough to survive existence within a group of decent size.


Programming is a group activity where one learns group qualities from others in the group.  It includes learning likes and dislikes, morals, language, fashion, behavior, etc..  People instinctively copy these aspects from their shown role models.  The people portrayed by the media to be of high status, the stars; pop stars, movie stars, TV stars, sport stars.  It is subconscious, subliminal and extremely effective in programming Society.  The audience uptake these qualities without conscious thought involved; they're not thinking about it, they're not generally utilizing their ability to evaluate for themselves these aspects.


Society is an unnatural group.  The sole natural grouping being one's family and maybe one's not too close neighbors like an ape pack in the jungle would have.  This doesn't mean that you have to accept your birth family.  Everyone's Attacked and if they're too Attacked for you then so be it.  Modern human Society is immensely too large of a pack.  Most importantly Society doesn't particularly let one leave.  It becomes an enforced parental pack that even says which plants one is banned from using.  Society doesn't particularly even let one be different.  Society can be a very nasty experience.


Roughly speaking, one is who they hang with.  Group loyalties are often ultra-tight.  Always link the group members, to some degree, in your mind when you think of them.  If one group member is a frickin' asshole then brand all the other group members likewise for it's obviously acceptable group behavior.  Any group is as good as its best and as bad as its worst.


Centuries ago pale Caucasian slave traders played group with African Negroes and there was no return.  Now America has had a Negro PotUS, is being degraded by Affirmative Blaction, Negroes have been major players in the music and sports industries for decades and they make up the majority of the megopolic underclasses; the criminals and the unemployed.  Jamaica, as other Caribbean islands, has lost their native inhabitants and come completely under the control of the Negro slave descendants.  All because centuries ago pale Caucasian slave traders played group with Negroes in Africa.  They did it because they were ultra-BDSM dominant, greedy people with no respect for human rights but their reasoning is irrelevant to their result.  They changed the world irreversibly.  Anything you include in your group, however low a status you give it, is included within your group.


The infamous Freudian (Österreichisch (Austrian) psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud 1856-1939) quote that every son wishes to sleep with their mother is part of a group dynamic.  As head female this position includes sexual desirability.  It's the same for daughters and their fathers.  As the child you must leave that parental group.  There's a related Attack where the attraction is towards the parent of the same gender.  It's another Attacked group dynamic for a male to want to BDSM dominate another person using sexual penetration, even a male.


Stockholm syndrome is a classic psychological group response.  It's a function of being a subordinate within a group.  Children by rote take up the opinions and beliefs of their parents.  Hostages even take sides with their captors.  With a new group membership, especially of a violent group, it's called brainwashing.  It's the natural survival instinct to agree to become a pack member, rather than an enemy.  One then plays pack behavior including uptaking pack beliefs, likes and dislikes, language, behaviors, habits, stylings, etc..


Most people are so insecure, obediently slothful and small minded that they choose to simply uptake Societal beliefs without any challenge to their validity or morality.


Extremely often the partisan seeking aspect of Society pushes one sibling into 'good' behavior and another into 'bad'.


Try using unfragranced soap / shower gel.  This frees you from having the exact same group scent of all the other users of your smelly one.  Then you can add your own fragrance using essential oils.


Don't eat their factory food.  Don't talk their standard phrases without thinking them out for yourself.  Don't (over) intake of their multimedia religion.  Don't uptake their bad habits.  Don't hang out in their usual haunts.  There are a heap of different ways to separate yourself from the standard Societal group/s.


If a spoonful of liquid were poured on you from above while out walking you'd notice and not be too pleased.  Unless it's raining then it'd be relatively undetectable.  Start stripping the unwanted, unnecessary groups, the metaphorical rain, from your life and watch everything gradually get clearer.


One's path is fueled by one's group.  It can help and/or it can hinder.


Keeping your fingers crossed for luck is about playing things tight, keeping your energy tightly restrained.  Internus (internalization).  This restraint, interacting only with energies closer to yourself, more good, is more stressful all around but it keeps out potential Attack energies trying to invade and disrupt your situation.  You keep your fingers so close together that they're crossed.


It's true that there's nothing for free.  Everything in the world has group energy associated with it.  Even using free shampoos from a hotel you stayed in last year brings back this energy.  The actual bottle, the color, the fragrance.


There is no practical entity that is 'you'.  Instead you are a conglomerate of all your energies.  All your habits, all your possessions, all your groups.  All your hobbies, your activities, your likes and dislikes.  Your chosen personality.  In a highly enlightened, and distanced, state, and situation (or briefly on psychedelics) you can get some mental distance to this.  You can see your true soul with more clarity.


See yourself as a complete, unique individual and simultaneously as a group of all your different selves.


In everyday life you are 'your selves', all your energy.  See chapter Group (Ʃ).  Intermingled with your chosen energies is Attack, the external energies that want to force their way into your reality.


Part of walking your path of enlightenment is a fine tuning of your energies.  Selecting which ones are beneficial to you and ridding your selves of those which aren't.  Remaining extremely clearly aware of the differentiation between your energies and external energies wanting to be a part of your life.  This may take some time, clarity and distance to see.  You can start with the awareness of the difference.


Cleanse your life of the locations (generally the most difficult one), the possessions, the habits, the language and the Social, including familial, associations (this may take considerable time and effort), of all your superfluous groups.  The TV shows you watch, the writers you like, the music which makes you move (see chapter Multimedia Religion).  This may sound unnecessary and so to you now on your path it probably is.  Maybe eventually re-watching Seinfeld reruns (no offense to them) will get boring once you see the inanity in it, or re-listening to that Lady Gaga / Michael Jackson / Geto Boys / Bruce Springsteen / Jewel Kilcher album will seem not your vibe anymore once you realize the lyrics really don't mesh with your life these days.  You may grow out of them.  No doubt the best of them will stay in your life to some extent.  The enticement of the tube fades quickly when you've an actual life to live anyway.  Society's music fades when you start making your own, and when you start to learn to appreciate quiet more.  Your buddy who always is too selfish to care about your life or the ones who always compete with you maybe should be distanced from more.  Your parent who always puts you down likewise.  Society is an immensely useful crutch but it takes its toll.  It's better to walk unaided when you can.


Don't rush like a desperate fool and damage yourself trying to reach a goal.  Enjoy the walk, enjoy the view, stop to smell the roses and when you do watch out for those pesky thorns.


You can have a social group life, you can have a personality, listen to music and more while still being very enlightened.  It's about taking conscious control of your mind, of your life.  Consciously developing yourself.  And it's a truism that the more you like yourself the more you can be liked by others.


Always firstly reach inward for strength.  Then externally out into your group.  Extending your group only as far as necessary to accomplish the task.  Shrinking it back as soon as you can afterwards.


It's said that they who sit by the river for long enough shall see the body of their worst enemy be washed downstream.  Energy can be with you.  Especially if you make a group with it; play with it, sit by it.  But all group play is not without consequence.  At the very least you're spending your time that you could be using for a million other things.


There's no such thing as luck.  Luck is simply energy on your side.  Right?  So, make it so.  Not pathetically wish it, nor wait in vain, steadfastly make itMake energy yours by increasing your internus (internalization) and distantia (distance).  Make it solid, energy likes security because energy is sensible.  Then whatever you ask of it, if it's really meant for you, then it'll become yours.  We're not talking of playing group with external we're talking about the survival and progress of your group.  For example, don't waste your energy trying to outdo a casino.  Instead make your own money by using your ingenuity and hard work.


"I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."

Telegram to the Friar's Club of Beverley

Hills (of which he was a member)

by Groucho Marx (1890-1977),

American comedian