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Level: Advanced


Belief in oneself is necessary for survival.


Believe that you are innately good (for you).  That implicitly your will is to survive and to get what's best for yourself.


Everyone has many different facets to their self.  You the student, you the child, you the parent, you the chef, you the jogger, you the TV watcher.  You are all of these and more (as relevant).


Reality is belief.  Belief controls reality.  Belief is built up over experiential practice.  Don't expect to have ultimate control immediately.


Belief in yourself and your belief structure is of ultra-importance.  There are people in Society who vehemently disagree with your belief structure especially those with alternate religious views.  They often mistakenly assume that everyone, i.e. you, share their beliefs and that there can be no other belief system than theirs.  Literally stay clear of them as much as possible.  We appreciate that Society is different and don't impose our views on others.


It is a great weakness not a strength to be accepting of all people regardless of their beliefs.  Be separate.  You have that right.