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Level: Easy


Facultas is power.


Power is good.  Power is immensely useful.  Especially power at a distance like a gun.


Your possessions are the prime source of your facultas.  Your possessions are a very important part of your reality.  See chapter Possessions.


We utilize powerful tools constantly every day.  It's easy to overlook their importance in our lives.  From the lights we use to see after dark to the kettles we use to boil the water for our hot drinks to the toothbrushes, the pocket micro-computers (cell phones), pens and so much else.


You deserve a high quality of life.  You deserve the best food, the best home with the best things in it.  From the best pillow to the best toilet seat.  Society orders its citizens in terms of class.  Do not listen to Society's classification of yourself.  You deserve the highest class of life available.  A high quality (foam) pillow may cost a little more but not a lot and for something that you use nightly is worth the extra expense.  Sensibly a first class plane ticket may not be necessary when instead business class is a fraction the price and very comfortable.


Make sure you have the tools for life.  The can opener, the bowl, the blender, etc..  If you have to buy cheap ones then buy cheap ones.  Then upgrade.


Cover the basics, the essentials; eating, sleeping, washing, cooking, personal safety.  Then gradually increase your collection to include items which you'd use daily.  Eventually you'll have tools which although you use only occasionally you gain a higher quality of life using like pineapple cutters and juicers.


Becoming aware of how much reliance one places on these everyday tools helps one understand accurately their own dependence.


Choosing to have is mostly a good thing.  Having is your skills, plus your experience, plus what reality lets you get & keep.  This is what you can have.  Sometimes one manages to obtain yet it provokes an Attack which goes on to damage or to destroy completely that which one obtained.


"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Metonymic adage, coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton

(1803-1873) in 1839