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Level: Easy


Every situation is made up of factors.  Like an airplane is made up of component parts.  With increased awareness, one can see clearer the more prominent factors in any situation.


Reality situations are an extremely complex vibe like the taste of a slow cooked stew with a dozen ingredients plus a dozen herbs and spices then a heap more complex than that.  They are a book megastore with a million different books (vibes) within it.


Take the example of a wintery day in xmas season.  You may feel good because you have time off from your school or work.  You may feel nostalgic for an earlier year.  You may feel bad for a bit if the heating is off and you're cold.  You may feel sad if you've lost your pet that year.  You may feel excited about a gift you're due to receive.  There are many factors to the situation, to the way you feel at any given moment.


An energetic factors example is if you buy a food processor from an store in Seattle you have the energy of your group at the time, out and about in Seattle that day, the energy from the salesperson/s involved, the energy from the storeroom where it's been sitting on the shelves for the past month, the energy from the store, the energy from the manufacturer, the energy from the factory and workers where it was assembled and the energy from the mining, refining and factory processing of the component parts to take into account.


Attack just like any energy in reality consists of factors.  For example, a hit of tripping up could be partly due to Attack hitting your new shoes, poltergeist from the location, Attack vibes from where you're going from and to, your recent activities and what you're carrying, Attack BDSM hitting you for drinking a beer at lunch, etc..