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Level: Advanced


All is energy.


Use good & bad here as terms relative to yourself.  There is good energy around you and there's bad energy around you.  We call the bad energy, Attack (evil).


We aren't at the mercy of external energy yet we must balance flowing with it against it opposing us.


Positive energies are summoned up and negative Attack energies stirred up by every thought and especially every action.


Positive or good energy collects in your home, in your homely habitat, where you spend your time and feel comfortable.  Energy likes goodness; comfort, to be fed and watered, etc..  It likes to be good even when it cannot, because you like it to be good.


Your energy wants to please you.  Energy further away from you knows less how to do so.  Try to funnel it, shape it into your desires rather than getting annoyed with its imperfection.


New energies have vibes.  The vibe at the start is the vibe of that energy.  It may later try to add vibes to hide its more sinister vibe.


With dedicated practice it is possible to see the vibe of the energy of a given situation.  This is made up of various factors.  See chapter Factors.  This is one of the most important awarenesses in life.


Energy, life, like a fractal shoreline gets more complex the closer one looks.


When considering the energy of another location often it's not possible to accurately see it until you are actually in situ.


With enlightenment one can see the view that there is no cause and effect, only energetic vibe.


Don't ask from energy because you feel you are deserved.  Not if you feel it has wronged you and could make things right in return.  Instead free yourself from history, from 'karma', from blame, from a desired balance of 'good' & 'bad'.


Synchronicity is the mesh of the omniverse.  One can walk down the street with a new baseball cap and see ten other people wearing caps.  Definitely awareness is at play here but with increased awareness also it's visible that in the organization of energy, alike items are placed together.  Hate begets hate.  Sometimes too much awareness of synchronicity or other sudden premature enlightenment can induce people to 'freak out'.  This is why the path of enlightenment is gradual.  So as for us to naturally accept the change one bit at a time.