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In reality there is division.  Division from singularity; oneness.  There is diversity.


Perfection, neutrality (nirvana) and oneness are all concepts.  They are implicitly impractical.  These concepts only exist in their pure form without reality.


For one example there is light.  This is split into colors.  White light consists of bits of light of every frequency.  They are split into red, green and blue.  They are split more into orange, yellow and purple.  They can be further divided into pink, deep crimson, etc., etc..


In a growing baby first there is one cell then it divides into two.


People must be treated differently due to their differences.  Otherwise it wouldn't be "women and children first" and it is and for the obvious reason that they wouldn't have half a chance without it under emergency conditions.  Disabled people who have trouble walking should be given extra parking privileges.  People have differences, it's a natural part of life and necessary for evolution. 


People must be allowed to be discriminating.  Government must not be discriminating because government is by the people, for all of the people.  But individual people are individuals whose rights to choose their own actions must be protected.  If a cabbie wants to reject a woman riding in the front seat for religious or any other reason then that's their taxi, their fare and their choice.  If a church pastor wants to refuse to wed a homosexual couple for their own reasons then that's their actions they're choosing.  It's far-out fascism to want government to force them into doing something against their will solely to avoid upsetting a member of the public.


We don't believe in using any '-ist' term; racist, sexist, agist, skill-ist,  etc..  These terms simply describe difference in treatment of different peoples.  Difference is natural and treating people with respect to their differences is as it should be.  The age limit of enlisting in the US military is 28-42 depending on the branch.  It obviously has logical reasons for this limit, it's as it should be, claiming 'agism' is irrelevant.  One doesn't hire a sous chef by choosing a random person walking down Main Street.  This isn't 'skill-ism', it's logical sense.


There's an idiotic philosophy that says there can't be differences between people, like between the genders or between the races.  It says everyone has to be equal.  Otherwise we recognize natural division into hierarchies and one can then get caught up with the projected 'injustice' of this; which is totally the pessimistic perspective.  Instead of focusing on, for example, women, in general, are weaker than men they should also be aware that women, in general, live longer than men.  Diversity exists not equality.