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Level: Advanced


Distantia is distance.  Distance from external.  Distance from Attack.


Gaining distance from others we can see ourselves more clearly.


Gaining distance from Attack we can better defend ourselves against it.


You don't have to live apart from Society to gain from a little distance when you can get it.  You should immediately feel the relief of gaining some distance although it may take some getting used to.  This is similar to a meditative lifestyle where you can be in a state of deep meditation as you go about your life at home.


The 易經 (Yi Jing) says that one should both be able to separate and to unite.


In Stephen King's Dead Zone story the hero sees people's Attacks when he gets close and touches them.  He sees clearly from his viewpoint of distance.  He's effectively been on retreat for many years in his coma and so his awareness isn't clouded by his own Attack hits.


Life is complex.  Energy is complex.  Therefore, recovery from Society is complex.  You've had a lifetime at the controls of your figurative supertanker; your reality.  So, it takes time, years, to become aware of relevant energies, to rein them back in or let them go and readjust.  And the likelihood is that as distant as you want to be you're not very distant from them yet.


You're in a groove.  You're in a river and you have to get out of it.  Else it'll drag you downstream without you having a choice about things.  Society moves with its own agenda.  If it sees you as part of itself it'll drag you along too.  Society has existed for so long that now the natural vibe anywhere near Society is to do what Society does.  To serve its agenda and not your own.  To gain perspective, to see more rationally you must get some distance.  To be able to plan what's best for yourself.  Without Society being that much of a factor.


Distantia is the removal of attachments and as such is the path to nirvana.  See chapter Neutrality (Nirvana).


Reality is contrary to nirvana.  All good things create desire, all bad things create negative desire.  These are attachments.  They move one away from the concept of nirvana.  Perfection, nirvana and oneness are all concepts.  They are implicitly impractical.  These concepts only exist in their pure form without reality.


Try getting some ear plugs, expanding foam ones like Laser Lite from Howard Leight by Honeywell.  Get the corded ones in case you swallow one in your sleep.  These can give you a substantial freedom from the Attack of noise.


Shop online.  Stay away from Society's population centers like Main Streets, malls and stores.  Buy your groceries online, like at Fresh Direct, Organic Direct, Vons, Peapod and Amazon.  Buy your clothes online.  Buy your other items online, like at Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, eBay, etc..


You'll notice that distantia takes you away from most sources of contagion from micro-lifeforms.  So (with good hygienic quarantine procedures) you'll stop catching coughs, colds and the flu.  It makes a nice change.


With distantia Attack will literally come out of the woodwork.  It always was this bad, yet with distantia you have the clarity to see it in more depth.  To gain from this experience you'd want to free yourself from some locational Attack.  Be in as new a place as possible; not a century old building.  Be in as unattached a place as possible; not in your parents' home.  Be in as owned, as internal, a place as possible; decorate by yourself; paper, paint, hang drapes.  As quiet a place as possible.  As upmarket a place as possible.  Make sure to keep it clean.  Be comfy.  Be at home.  Then you've got yourself a safe environment to grow in.  To live in, to build a home in.  To work in, to build a business in.  To occasionally get high in.  Beware, it could be impossible for you on your path right now.  Maybe now is more a time of suffering for you.  Learn from it.  Survive it.  Or maybe you'll find reality lets you do this now.  Try.  (But know your limits; don't headbang against figurative walls.)